Brunch on a Monday


Today I had brunch at Urth Cafe in West Hollywood. The entire time I was there the place was packed with people which for a moment was exhilarating, until I remembered where I was. The fact that I was at brunch on a Monday, should clue you in that I clearly do not have a regular or as some might say “real” job. But apparently neither do the majority of people in Los Angles or at least not in West Hollywood.

As a child in school, I used to love the rare occasion of being out and about on a weekday early afternoon while everyone else was either at school or work. I even remember thinking to myself that this was the kind of freedom I wanted when I was a grown up. Clearly twelve year old me would think I’ve made it brunching at Urth on a school day!

But in my quasi grown up 20 something world, I frequently am plagued with boredom filed days between auditions and the occasional work day. Yes there are millions of filler activities (Why do you think everyone in LA has so many “special skills.”)

So until the day I am exhausted from being so busy, I am making a list of things that will add more character to my world or in the very least be added to the Special Skills section on my resume.

  1. Start A Blog (We’re here! but I suffer from unmedicated adult ADD so we”ll see!)
  2. Take up acrylic painting. (At the very least I could self decorate my house)
  3. Dedicate my life to fitness (I feel many Out of Work Actors know this one well)
  4.  Yoga (I mean some of those poses would really enhance my special skills)
  5. Learn to sew (Since i’m not working I might have to Jenny Humphry all my things!)
  6. Chai Tea Brewer (Not sure if this is a thing, but  I would save sooo much money)
  7. Photography ( I live in LA so my IG is required to look like a work of art)
  8. Jewelry Making ( I’m thinking I need at least 1 thing that brings monetary earnings)
  9. Actually Learn French ( it’s possible I already tell people I’m fluent so….)
  10. Buy a Bike (Risking my life but the trill of no more parking tickets makes it worth it!)




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