Only Child = Needy Bitch?

Only children really are a breed of their own. Traditionally they’re known as attention desperate, lone wolves, who have no concept of sharing (among other things). Being an OC (We are going to call it that from here on out)  I would like to set the record straight and say NONE of these things are real! HA JUST KIDDING! I am a card carrying member of the only child club and for good and bad really exhibit all of the above traits. Although, I didn’t really know I was a member until my first year in college. I’m not saying I didn’t know I was an OC, (That was obvious) I’m saying I didn’t realize I was oozing its characteristics out of my pours. Especially on the sharing front and well the desperate need for attention, but we’ll stick with the sharing issues for now.

College is tough in general, and to be fair to me, how is one who has never shared a bedroom, bathroom, closet, etc. going to fair when thrown into a teeny tiny dorm room with two other girls? If you guessed not great, you win! It took me months not to hate one of my roommates, who God forbid would be typing on her laptop (probably doing you know school work) while I was trying to sleep! I’m pretty sure I even yelled “Could you NOT” at her one night (Who’s the crazy one?!?) To make matters worse, for some reason when I arrived I didn’t feel I had enough closet space, so I just pushed the other girls clothes out of the way and hung more of my clothes in her section of the closet. I mean CLEARLY mine were more important(I know, I know I sound like a monster) There was also an issue with water bottles in our mini fridge, but I wont get into that. I know for fact (they’ve both told me), that both my assigned roommates hated me those first few months living together. It wasn’t until in typical college fashion, we went to a party together and got heavily drunk, that we decided we all must be best friends. Apparently all it takes is vodka and little fun to forget what a crazy bitch you think your roommate is!

I have to say, I know that there are millions of OC’s out there, but throughout my life I rarely have met any. I have one friend who is also an OC and she is for sure the most self obsessed person in the world. (High chance she thinks the same about me!) The things that come out of her mouth plus the amount of sacrifice she expects one to make for her on the regular, sometimes have me question how she has any friends at all. She definitely does not subscribe to the put others first school of thought. I myself live in Los Angeles and work in the Entertainment industry, so that should give you some sense of my need to be seen and given mass amounts of attention.

Since that first year in college, i have had countless roommates (the life of a 20 something) which have helped me learn more about sharing then I knew going into that first year, but it is still something I’m not totally comfortable with. For instance I still can be Completely unreasonable when it comes to noise in times I perceive as quiet time, and I hate when some one else’s belongings are found in my space (God help my future husband!) There are thankfully positive traits I think other OC’s will recognize. I mean I can self entertain for hours!! I’m also fiercely independent (although that might play into the lone wolf theory? who knows!)

Maybe one day I’ll be forced to get rid of these habits or with a family of my own not be allowed to be the center of my own universe any longer. I guess we will see! But until then I will do what any good millennial does and blame anything and everything on my parents!!


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